Monday, July 9, 2012


Givi Sproshvili b.1940 in Georgia ~ Einstein

Think Einstein
Think relativity
A popular

But Einstein was more

He was a man 
Re-framing identity

An injection of humanity

As if
His life was
Not chained to Jewish politics
(He lived in  
Switzerland and
The United States)
But about any
Life force

A man with his
Pipe of peace

More on Einstein and Zionism HERE

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Timoteo said...

I have to believe that ultimately he was a compassionate man. A vegetarian, no less.

Brian Miller said... with any great person we get hung up on what is deemed their greatest accomplishment and lose just who they were...and what it all really meant in the context of the day

Claudia said...

yep...he was a fascinating personality..highly talented...struggling hard at times...was visiting the house where he lived while working at the patentamt in berne...a stupid, boring job...he went through all kind of things...

Joe Klein said...

I think it all started with his interest in light and he became enlightened.

colleen said...

PS not Joe Klein. Oh no, now I have to pass the word verification test again!

Anonymous said...

An amazing man, and your poem does him justice. Fantastic piece of artwork, too!

Susan said...

"A man with his
Pipe of peace

The picture took my breathe away, and your words breathed it back into me, as if his pigeonhole is a mere balloon that is nothing without the air/words/meat-in-the-sandwich of the rest of him. "A man re-framing identity" in almost all ways, including cultivating wonder and creativity. A very important poem that--with the picture--is great!

Beachanny said...

Loved this piece. He was my husband's hero. He had studied under profs who had been Einstein's students. Your poem captured his brilliance and nobility.

hedgewitch said...

He's a fascinating study, very humble, very plain spoken...many times I run across quotes from him and am amazed at how wise--not just how smart--he was. Love the painting, and the poem.

Margaret said...

I purchased a book from a used book store... I think it was entitled "Ideas and Opinions" and he wrote it along with another writer. Totally enjoyable! Yes, he was amazing.

Archna Sharma said...

Yes beyond his brilliance, a heartfelt thinker, in many ways, moving forward. This is a beautiful rendition of his passion and his peace.

Aidz Giannini said...

unfetted dreaming, not enough of it as we are forced to conform

vivinfrance said...

A true giant of a man. I like the concise way you have summed him up.

kaykuala said...

His greatness relatively speaking is beyond reasoning. You've said it all Gemma!


Poet Laundry said...

I like this musing on the life Einstein. And the Plutarch quote on your blog is one of my favs :)

DQPoetry said...

That painting was a good find Gemma, and I enjoyed the poem. As said above always great to try and understand someone like Einstein holistically

ayala said...

Nice write!

Anonymous said...

whoosh! I leaned right into my computer!

Very good reading, delightful.

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