Sunday, September 6, 2015

Humanity Slipping Away...

Humanity Slipping Away - Helen Savva - Limassol, Cyprus
I made this as a response to the tragic death of the 3-year-old Syrian refugee 
– Aylan Kurdi – 
who had drowned together with his 5-year-old brother Ghalib and mother Rehan 
in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to escape Syria.

beyond my world

few knew Kurdish Kobane
a border city
balancing between
Turkey and Syria
until it was reduced to
80% rubble

but they know now

beyond my world

few understood
the relentless tides of desperate souls
seeking some kind of life
without fear

but they understand now

beyond my world

no one saw my three year old son

until he slipped away from me

but they now see
in tragedy

he is

Isn't he?

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