Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seven Crows

Alex Colville (1920- 16th July 2013) - Seven Crows (1980)
Colville's website is HERE.

large 7 flying black capes
like living pockets of dark smog
veiling the golds and greens and watery silvered landscapes

like 7 deadly symbols
of dark souls
scavenging for
the unwary
the weak
the defenceless
the outcasts
the unprotected 

and yet
when the ominous presence of 7 crows fades
no trace of
foul debris
or foul play

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L. Edgar Otto said...

The variations we could imagine that connects to our dreams and the real in this poem can let us read it as if a window on wide landscapes, new worlds and weathers...

What flight of caring wings might we not glimpse in its reflection leaving something in our hearts perhaps taught to pass on such depths forgotten?

The panorama of your blogs astounds and reassures me as I cling to the coast of a wide unexplored landscape so rich and near in its history where life begins.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is glorious, Gemma. I always love birds in poems. The painting is wonderful. And who did the one on your blog header? It is gorgeous.

Susan said...

What a picture! And after the setup stanza, I think I would have expected an emptying of pockets in the landscape, but you release them from suspicion and the world lightens. Nice.

grapeling said...

Crows have accents. Those in Perth sounded completely different in tenor and tone to those in my native California.

Your piece reminds me of a shadow - presence, then absence - so well crafted, Gemma. ~ M

Susie Clevenger said...

Beautiful painting and words to compliment it. It does seem when the crows leave they take the evidence with them. Wonderful write!

Herotomost said...

How cool is that! And it can only be followed up with a poem as good as that one. the bad rap that crows I love them and their mystery. Great work.

Kay L. Davies said...

"flying black capes" — a powerful visual, Gemma.

Akila G said...

They do a clean job eh? Very vivid imagery here said...

Gemma, what a cool concept. It's true, the crows leave nothing. NUH-THING. Your use of the numeral 7 caught my eye right away. Strikingly original and effective! Amy

razzamadazzle said...

Beautiful painting. Your poem is perfect and fascinating to accompany it.

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