Sunday, August 25, 2013

Luhya Woman

Benard Githogori (1975- ) Audacious Smile Luhya Woman
Kenya, Africa

Egyptian worlds
melted into
Kenyan worlds
(pre-empted by a splash of Uganda) 
in my long ago yesterdays

for a time
we tinkered with British ways
and linked with their
Christian soul

and still link

but it is Kenya who became
my foster mother
our foster mother

and for that blessing
I give you
an audacious smile

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Surreal Rain


in the rain lit hours
any blue
any drop of blood red
seem out of place

the delicious melancholy
of coming home to

the witching midnight
and cold sheets

in the grey 
of rain lit hours
a lone blue harlequin
could be some errant soul
waiting for 
bloodless wings

Gabriel Pacheco 1973 - Mexican Surrealist Visionary painter

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seven Crows

Alex Colville (1920- 16th July 2013) - Seven Crows (1980)
Colville's website is HERE.

large 7 flying black capes
like living pockets of dark smog
veiling the golds and greens and watery silvered landscapes

like 7 deadly symbols
of dark souls
scavenging for
the unwary
the weak
the defenceless
the outcasts
the unprotected 

and yet
when the ominous presence of 7 crows fades
no trace of
foul debris
or foul play

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Portrait Daughter

 Anatoly Kontsub (1949-  Belarus) - The Portrait Daughter.
1998. Oil.
Kontsub's website is HERE.

pretty wild flowers
and tall grasses
and friendly feathers

must the moment come
when I must leave
for civilised routines

where flowers are cultivated
and grasses are mown
and feathers preen

must the moment come
when I must pretend
to like
the masked ball

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